Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents can be minor inconveniences or permanently change the life of you or a loved one. While you may not have had any choice in the accident, you do have a choice in who to hire to make sure the other side pays for their mistakes. At Stone & Horne LLP, we don't look for an easy quick settlement, we look at you, your needs, and every potential defendant who is or could be responsible for your injuries. Whether it's a single person looking at a text while slamming into you or an over-worked company driver in a commercial vehicle or 18-wheeler. If they share the road with you, we share your insistence that they do so responsibly. And, if your injuries arise out of a defect in your vehicle or tires, we go after everyone responsible for selling, installing, or maintaining those as well. It takes more attention and persistence to take the long road, but to get to justice, there are no shortcuts.