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The foundation of the firm's philosophy is based on the example set forth by its founder, Hubert L. Stone Jr. With a Board Certification in Personal Injury Trial Law and well over 50 years of service to working families, Hubert practiced with one goal in mind: help working men and women get a fair shake against careless employers and their insurance companies. Trying hundreds of work-related cases over the years, Hubert assisted injured employees from the coastal United States, the 

United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, the Canary Islands, Panama, and Mexico. Compared to the technical expertise and experience necessary for the proper presentation of a work-related injury, Hubert considered ordinary negligence cases amongst the simpler matters an attorney could handle. He also was apt to point out that an attorney wasn't a trial lawyer unless he liked to be in the courtroom. Hubert's legacy continues today in the personal interest that the firm's lawyers take in every case: get what's fair from the other side or take it to trial.